About Us

Jeff started cooking BBQ in the late seventies.  Like most Texas BBQ masters started, Jeff started learning about Texas BBQ by cooking with his father.  Jeff started his first competition cook off in the fall of 2001. Learning that competition BBQ was a true skill, Jeff hung around buddies and fellow competition cooks Jeff knew his BBQ was much better. The response from them all… “Sure, Prove it!”. Jeff went home and as they say, went to the drawing board.  With a welding background Jeff built his first competition BBQ trailer pit.  Jeff then started doing competition BBQ events in the spring of 2002.  Jeff continued to learn and master his BBQ techniques, recipes, and flavor profiles.  Jeff learned the BBQ curve and started getting higher ranks in the events that he competed.  By 2004 Jeff was getting some what consistent and started cooking 15-20 events a year.  By 2007 Jeff was cooking 25-30 times a year and had fine tuned his recipes and his BBQ pit techniques.  In 2009 Jeff cooked 32 events which Jeff won 13 Reserve Grand Champion Awards and 4 Grand Champion Awards.  In the same year, Jeff won the rights to cook at the Jack Daniels Invitational.  Jeff placed 15th overall in what most people consider the most prestigious cooking competition in the world.

Jeff has earned a room full of awards consisting of trophies, plaques, and ribbons over the years. Although Jeff still competes in several cook-offs a year, he has started his very own cooking school with multiple classes throughout the year as well as offers private group lessons.  Jeff also has a catering business which he serves his very own award winning BBQ.  Jeff is determined to compete, teach, and serve his love for traditional Texas BBQ.